/The ‘Squad’ wants to free 500,000 ‘obese’ criminals and offenders over age 55 – including rapists and killers
The ‘Squad’ wants to free 500,000 ‘obese’ criminals and offenders over age 55 – including rapists and killers

The ‘Squad’ wants to free 500,000 ‘obese’ criminals and offenders over age 55 – including rapists and killers

The ‘Squad’ wants to free 500,000 ‘obese’ criminals and offenders over age 55 – including rapists and killers
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WASHINGTON D.C. – When the Coronavirus first hit back in late February, many panicked over the unknown virus that was taking so many lives. Poor decisions were made, and are still being made for that matter, when it came to protecting people.
One of those major mistakes that our government leaders made, was forcing the elderly to stay in nursing homes, essentially sentencing them to death, while freeing criminals from the prisons, so they did not get sick.
One might wonder what on earth was going through someone’s mind when they thought this might be a good idea. This has completely backfired, as at least 106,000 elderly have died of COVID-19 in nursing homes or care facilities. There have been approximately 270,000 COVID-19 deaths reported in the U.S. Let those numbers sink in for a moment.
While our innocent elderly were trapped in nursing homes to die, our criminals were released to go right back to committing more crimes.
To add insult to injury, a bill is now on the table to free even more criminals…except this time, they are looking to free the fat ones.
The bill, which was sponsored by Rep. Tlaib, Rep. Lee, and Rep. Pressley, and co-sponsored by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Omar, and eight other Democrats, was also endorsed by Black Lives Matter. It outlines a series of criteria one must posse in order to be released from prison, to protect them from the Coronavirus.
Obese rapists, serial killers, child molesters, and anyone over the age of 55 are set to be turned loose on society if this bill comes to fruition.
The soaring crime rates around the country are clearly not enough for The Squad, and they would like to add fuel to the fire apparently.
Rep. Tlaib introduced The Dismantle Mass Incarceration for Public Health Act, which states that it would:
“Require States and units of local government to certify a commitment to release certain individuals from jails and prisons”
The certain individuals that are listed in the bill includes anyone who’s over 55 years old, unhealthy, or obese.
According to the Department of Health and Human Services, anyone with a body mass index (BMI) of 30.0 qualifies as obese. That means a 5’6 rapist who weighs 187 pounds, a 5’8  mugger who clocks in at 200 pounds, or one of those fabled 6’0 and 225 pound gentle giants specializing in home invasions would all be considered obese and in need of immediate release, Front Page Magazine reported.
So by these standards, any person who is of a healthy strapping weight will be unleashed back to society to rape, beat, molest, loot, and kill again, all thanks to The Squad.
When trying to determine how many inmates fall under this category, we can turn to statistics from the Department of Justice, which show that about half of federal and state inmates have some sort of chronic condition: 15% have asthma, 10% have heart problems, and 9% have diabetes.
Given the criteria The Squad has set forth, between 200,000 to 680,000 criminals could be set loose.
This does not even account for the 74% of inmates that are considered overweight, obese, or morbidly obese. So that would mean freeing at least an additional half a million fat criminals.
Now one might think that is more than enough criteria to have an inmate, who has no business being released from prison, set free, but there is more! The Squad also stipulated that “seniors” will be freed. The definition of a “senior” mind you, is anyone over the age of 55.
As Front Page Magazine pointed out, The unabomber, the BTK killer, and the Son of Sam, all of whom are still in prison today, and over the age of 55, would qualify. Sadly Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer are no longer alive to take advantage of Tlaib, AOC, and Pressley’s generous offer to free them all.
The list goes on and on with the ridiculous criteria that will allow for these prisoners to be released back into society, during a time where no one needs things to get any worse.
However, in addition to mental and physical qualifications, the Dismantle Mass Incarceration for Public Health Act would also free all illegal aliens being held on an ICE detainer. So The Squad is not just looking to release American criminals, they are also freeing illegal criminals, all so they don’t “get sick”.
Rep. Tlaib commented on the bill, saying:
“This pandemic should not be a death sentence for anyone,” 
Additionally, Rep. Lee commented, saying:
“This virus should not be, and doesn’t have to be, a death sentence for incarcerated individuals,” 
Two questions come to mind when reading this information. The first is, how long are these criminal going to be allowed to roam free to re-commit their crimes? According to The Squad, until the President declares the “end of the COVID-19 national emergency”.
It is almost comical to think that these government leaders, our country’s decision makers, actually think that all of these prisoners they release are going to willingly walk back into a jail cell once the pandemic is over.
The second, and very scary question is, how many criminals would this actually set loose?
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