/Rep. Jim Jordan: Loving America shouldn’t be controversial. So why do Dems want you to be ashamed?
Rep. Jim Jordan: Loving America shouldn't be controversial. So why do Dems want you to be ashamed?

Rep. Jim Jordan: Loving America shouldn’t be controversial. So why do Dems want you to be ashamed?

Rep. Jim Jordan: Loving America shouldn't be controversial. So why do Dems want you to be ashamed?

By Rep. Jim Jordan | Fox News

America is the greatest country in the history of the world. But, among Democrats in Washington, D.C., saying so is downright controversial.
Democrats want you to believe that the United States is a fundamentally racist country. They want you to believe that our founding ideals and the institutions of our government are illegitimate. And, worst of all, they want to indoctrinate your children with this dangerous thinking.
Why do Democrats in Washington want you to feel so ashamed to be an American?
Democrats want to implement far-left policies and radically restructure American society. They control the White House and the House of Representatives. Only the Supreme Court and deadlocked Senate stand in their way.
That’s why Democrats want to make the District of Columbia a state, in order to bring two new Democrat senators to Congress. That’s why Democrats have called the Senate filibuster, which they used just last year to block Republican-sponsored police reform, a “Jim Crow relic.” And that’s why Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court with four new left-wing Justices appointed by President Biden.
Democrats want to reshape America to fit their progressive vision of a cradle-to-grave entitlement state run by anonymous bureaucrats and social justice warriors. To accomplish this goal, they must remove the institutional roadblocks in their way. So Democrats have begun a campaign to characterize our long-held practices and institutions as racist and illegitimate—and therefore primed for elimination or fundamental change.
Amid this progressive onslaught, American freedoms are under attack. You can already see our liberties eroding.


Each of the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the First Amendment has been threatened over the last year. Big Tech and Big Government have been colluding to silence free speech online. Draconian lock-down orders prevented congregations from assembling to practice their faith. And even today, you cannot petition your congressperson for a redress of grievances because Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to let you visit the Capitol.
Now take the Second Amendment. The Biden Administration has begun an all-out assault on the right to keep and bear arms. The ATF has already rolled out regulations to try to restrict gun rights. And President Biden has nominated an ATF director who wants to radically limit Second Amendment rights.
Democrats have weakened and outright ignored the rule of law. Last summer, prominent Democrats condoned left-wing violence that destroyed American cities. Then-Senator Harris even raised money to bail out violent rioters. Nowadays, Vice President Harris and other Democrats look the other way as an unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants enter the country.
In all these respects and more, Democrats want to tear apart the very fabric of America and radically change the way our government works. They are destroying foundational principles of federalism and separation of powers to mandate one-size-fits-all bureaucratic edicts. They believe that the so-called experts in Washington know better about local concerns than the moms and dads in neighborhoods across our great country.
Sure, America isn’t perfect—no person is, and no country is. Like our Constitution says, we’re always striving toward a more perfect union. While it took far too long, our country ended the evil of slavery and guaranteed equal treatment under the law to all Americans.
But Republicans recognize that the United States, despite her faults, is unique and indispensable. We championed the great experiment of representative democracy.
We liberated Europe and East Asia from the tyranny of fascism and saved the world from the oppression of communism.
We sent men to the moon and brought about the digital age.
We have created the greatest amount of prosperity for the greatest number of people in the history of the world.
We should celebrate America.
We should honor and appreciate the qualities and values that make us the greatest country in the history of the world. While we should always work to achieve a more perfect union, we must protect our fundamental American freedoms. And, most of all, we should never be ashamed of our great country.
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