/Resist Biden’s Tyranny
Resist Biden's Tyranny

Resist Biden’s Tyranny

Resist Biden's Tyranny

By Mike Vespa | Townhall.com

Where are your papers? That’s what could be heard all over America if we don’t fight back against Joe Biden. The president has decided to become the Lord Protector of America who cannot be questioned. The tyrant issued his edict yesterday: vaccine mandates.
It was epic double talk: “we’re all in this together. Also, the damn unvaccinated are the real disease that plagues America.” Disgraceful.
Biden will now force private companies to enforce vaccine mandates on their employees who don’t want it. Where does he think he gets this authority? Who the hell does he think he is? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has now been deputized as Biden’s medical Stasi.
We might as well call Washington, DC, “Airstrip One.” This isn’t America. It’s Oceania. And if this vaccine mandate for private businesses is allowed to stand, a parade of horribles of the authoritarian nightmare we long feared will follow. You see how Australia has reverted to its historical roots as a penal colony due to COVID. That could happen here. Will concentration camps follow?
How do you stop it? Besides doing your part as a patriot, and protesting and resisting this gross overreach of government power, you can help us take the fight to them by joining Townhall VIP. It’s not just a subscription. It’s a membership for real conservatives to help fund telling the truth—but we need your help. With your direct support, we will lead the charge in fighting back against this medical fascism that’s taken over.
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