/If They Can Make You Vax, What Can’t They Do? Biden Mandate Ushers In More ‘Crazy’
If They Can Make You Vax, What Can’t They Do? Biden Mandate Ushers In More 'Crazy'

If They Can Make You Vax, What Can’t They Do? Biden Mandate Ushers In More ‘Crazy’

If They Can Make You Vax, What Can’t They Do? Biden Mandate Ushers In More 'Crazy'

By Dan Backer | TownHall.com

Facing immense backlash from even his own voters over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, President Biden is doubling down on craziness. He once again accused Republican governors of being “cavalier” with the virus and chiding those filing legal challenges to the mandate. In his words: “Have at it.”
President Biden is happily taunting Americans for daring to stand up for the Constitution and individual liberty, mere months after rejecting the notion of a vaccine mandate. It’s funny how power can change a man.
But the mandate itself is anything but comical. If the federal government can force private employers to have you be vaxxed or be fired, they can also ban legal gun owners from jobs and demand employees receive “critical race theory” training. Democrats have embraced a new theory of government with no limiting principle but one—they will do what they want to you.
For the first time in U.S. history, the White House is interfering with the private medical decisions of more than 100 million Americans, in many cases forcing vaccination against their will. Federal workers who refuse to get vaccinated will first receive counseling and ultimately face termination if they continue to object. Private companies that don’t bow to the Biden machine, meanwhile, could be fined nearly $14,000 per violation.
Democrats have already declared racism a “public health crisis.” If President Biden can play the role of supreme leader with vaccines, what is the limiting principle that prevents him from doing so for mandated “critical race theory” trainings? Or gun-free work zones? Or gun owner-free work zones, for that matter?
With each passing mandate, liberal Democrats know what they’re doing. They also know how quickly the tides can turn, given how aghast Democrats were about the Texas abortion law.  Hopefully, that’s a wake-up call for them: A government powerful enough to impose your will upon others is also powerful enough to impose its will upon you when the levers of power, inevitably, turn.
Political preferences aside, do we want to live in a society where winning elections allows politicians to do whatever they want to whomever they want and however you want. Given the constitutional framework of limited government envisioned by our Founders, shouldn’t limiting principles matter?
What is to stop the Biden administration from requiring employers to not hire so-called “election deniers” whom many leftists have publicly called terrorists? Or to promote any other Democratic policy that Biden officials may decide is important on a given day? In the same vein, what’s to stop Republicans—other than our conscience—from imposing their own political will when the wheel turns, as it always does?
Even under the Obama administration, it would have been crazy for federal agencies to spread “critical race theory” propaganda, which is blatantly racist. Now, they do. One year ago, it would have been crazy for a single politician, let alone a sitting president, to refer to women as “birthing people.” Now, Democrats like President Biden and AOC use liberal arts language with no shame.
Before 2021, it would have been “crazy” for an American president to abandon Americans in Afghanistan. Well, President Biden did. With the Biden administration, “crazy” is already a reality. It is here to stay. And, with his COVID-19 vaccine mandate, President Biden has established a dangerous precedent for the situation to get much, much worse before it can get better in 2024, when new leadership occupies the White House.
The pendulum swings far in both directions. Democrats cheering on the “crazy” now will regret it eventually, when their own lack of limiting principles comes back to bite them. The Democratic Party has learned nothing from its nuking of the filibuster under President Obama, which begot the Trump judiciary. Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) get it, but they are few and far between.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Americans now know: Democrats do not care about the First Amendment. Constitutional rights mean nothing to them. Nor will they defend the Second Amendment from executive overreach. As gun owners have said, “If he can force a needle in your arm, why can’t he take your gun?”
They can and they will try. Hiding behind empty “unity” rhetoric, Democrats are tearing us apart.
Americans now face a stark choice: We’re either a nation built on individual liberty, or we’re the property of the state.
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